Developing Web Solutions is a blend of Science and Art

Understanding the right blend of art and science requires the knowledge and experience. To know and understsnd HOW technology works only requires knowledge and intelligence. To know WHEN and WHAT technologies to leverage takes experience and expertise. To know what it takes to make science feel like art...that takes passion!

At the heart of of our custom crafted strategies are the services that we offer . These services are carefully tailored to bring innovation, creativity, strategy and efficiency to your projects.

Here is an overview of our services:

Business Strategy Services:

INF Studios believes that it isn't enough to just build a good-looking website. Although, INF Studios does build visually stimulating sites, we believe that this is not enough. Web-Solutions that are created by INF Studios are built to align with the way you do business and your business goals. We wish to build web solutions that are measurably successful, not just beautiful. From experience we have learned that successful web-solutions begins with a thorough understanding of your business and how you do it.

Design Services:

Great design is more than pretty pictures. Great design is compelling, insiring and motivating. More importantly it is easy to use, efficient and drives sales. Whether your needs are as large as designing an entire website corporate identity or to build banner and ad pieces for your advertising initiatives. We specialize in online graphics design, photo retouching, flash animation, and video production. INF Studios' Design services has a compelling solution for you.

Development Services:

INF Studios' Development services is where the real magic happens. We have identified the best of breed technical solutions that are both fnctional and cost-effective. We believe in the phrase "right tool for the right job." No two projects are the same, therefore no two solutions can be the same either. Whether your technology needs are completely unique and require a complete system built from scratch or a system that can be more efficiently and cost effectively creted using off-the-shelf software products, INF Studios aim is to ensure that your solution is directly in line with your business objectives and business processes and most importnatly as cost-efficient as possible.

Hosting and Network Services:

INF Studios' Hosting and Network Services can put together the perfect hosting platform for your solution. Unlike other development firms, INF Studios operates there own private servers. INF Studios can implement a hosting solution to support your web solution. Whether your system is large or small, we have a hosting solution for you.

Site Management Services:

Consider the sites that you visit normally. Sites that retain that highest number revisits are those that are in constant change. Sites that regularly provide updates and new content are the ones retain the highest number of visiors. With this concept in mind, INF Studios has a number of services to help you find, maintain and update your site to keep your site fresh and relevant. Whether you are the type of partner that wishes to allow us to autonomously maintain your sie or you are a do-it-yourselfer, that wishes to maintain your own content, we can provide a method of updating your site that is just right for you.

Marketing and Promotions Services:

What good is a great web solution if know one knows about it or can find it? The importance of marketing and promotions is often overlooked or an after thought. At INF Studios, we understand that a web solution without a properlyplannedand executed marketing and promotions strategy is equilalent to a great restaurant that is placed in the middle of a desert...noone knows it's there. It is for this reason that INF Studios offers marketing and promotions services. No matter if your needs are as simple as executing a marketing initiative for a simple incentive campaign or a long-term marketing and promotions plan to increase traffic and your user base. All of our marketing services are coupled with metrics to help you track and assess the success and lift the marketing or promotional campaign has provided.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services:

As a general rule of thumb in the industry that roughly 70%-90% of a website's traffic comes from search engines. If this is true, then doesn't it make sense to place great importnace on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts. Let our SEO experts help you optimize your site and make your site visible to search engines. We can also help increase your sites ranking. If you have special needs or offerings, we can even help you plan, execute, maintain and monitor your paid placement and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. We understand the importance of SEO and SEM and have developed a set of services that can help you harness the traffic that the search engines can provide, even if your site was created or hosted by INF Studios.

Merchant and Payment Services:

So, you have a great site, you have wonderful services or products, but how do you charge customers for using or buying them? It is simply not efficient to deal in cash or have customers mail checks, especialy not users that are online. You need a method to charge users as a part of their buying process. INF Studios offers many merchant services to help bridge the gap between your site and the bank. We offer merchant systems for all your needs online or even offline. We provide merchant services that allows your customers to purchase via credit card, check or other methods (even mobile). We provide full integrations services, and even virtual terminals to charge users for your products and service in person or over the phone. We also provide merchant accounts and services to even businesses that are deemed high risk. Best of all, we provide our merchant services regardless whether you we have provided any web or hosting services to you. Tell us your merchant needs and let us help you obtain a merchant account.

Photography Services:

Need shots of your products for your website? Are you a model and looking to create an online portfolio? Maybe you are a company just looking for specific shots to visually enhance the look of your site. Whatever your situation, let INF Studios and our extensive portfolio of photographers, models and pre-shot stock photography capture the right look for your site.


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