How We Work

How the Magic is Done

Magic doesn't just happen, it is inspired! Our approach to providing services alongside our partners is to focus on building web-based solutions. We build web-solutions that align with our partners' end-users and their business goals in mind. This approach has been proven to help create powerful and memorable web experiences that ultimately make our partners' more successful and profitable.

Our approach is a phased approach to the development effort which leverages a wide array of services and software to significantly reduce the risk of failure.

Below, is the general process that we follow. This process is tailored to each client and their individual needs.

Phase 1: Discovery Phase:

The Discovery Phase is one of the most important phases (and most often overlooked). This is the phase that we learn about your business, your audience, your competition, your goals and what is and isn't working with your current web presence. Creating an engaging interactive experience requires more then a clean design and search-engine visibility. It requires a well thought-out strategy and a clear understanding of the entire landscape. This phase helps us establish the following:

- Thorough understanding of your business and business processes.
- Understanding of your current marketing efforts.
- Understanding of your audience and customers
- Thorough account of your business goals.
- Thorough understanding of your expectations and needs.
- Thorough account of your existing graphical and content assets.
- Understanding of your competitors and how your business competes.

Phase 2: Strategic Planning Phase:

Anybody with a computer and some web development software can build a website. What sets INF Studios apart is the value that we associate with a company’s brand. This is one of the most important aspects of your site, as it identifies the overall persona At INF Studios, we analyze your brand and develop internet marketing, promotions and packaging strategy that builds upon the identity and unique offerings that already exist. After all, what good is a web solution if it isn't engaging? More importantly, what good is a great web solution if noone can find it?

- Competitive Analysis
- Branding Strategy
- Internet Marketing Plan
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan
- Email and Internet Campaign Planning

Phase 3: Project Definition Phase:

In the Project Definition Phase we begin to define many aspects of the project based on our learnings from the Discovery Phase. This is the phase that allows us to communicate and define the entire project. This phase validates that we understood your business and your business objectives. These documents will explain in writing what we plan to do with your solution. In this phase, we will develop the following items:

- Scope Document
- Requirements Document
- Statement of Work (SOW)
- User Flow Document
- Business Process Definition
- Solution Architecture Document (Site Plan)
- Metrics and Anlytics Plan
- Hosting Plan

Phase 4: Design Phase:

Engaging an audience online begins with inspiring a single heart, intriguing a single mind. Igniting the spark of idea into a blazing, lasting creative fire. Our award winning design team takes your business innovations and adds the creative magic - the wit, artistry, vision and flair - that will captivate hearts and compel the imagination. We turn good ideas into lasting legends.

- User Experience and Navigation Design
- Content Definition and Planning
- Web Design and Graphics Development
- Flash and Animation Development
- Photography and Graphical Asset Production

Phase 5: Solution Development Phase:

Real mastery of web development requires a careful blend of science and art. Knowing how to blend requires experience. Knowing when to blend requires the experience and knowledge that only comes from previous successes. This phase brings all of our planning, expereince and knowledge together to breath life into your solution.

- GUI and Front-end Programming
- Interactive Flash Animation
- Back-end and Functional Programming
- Database Development
- Content Management System Instantiation
- E-commerce Planning
- Metrics and Analytics Implementation
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Implementation

Phase 6: Marketing, Promotions and Analytics Phase:

Now, that we have built and deployed your web experience, now the real work and fun begins. "If you build, they will come" is a statemet that just does NOT apply to the Internet. It's now time to invoke the marketing strategies that INF Studios is known for. This is the continuous process of executing and refining our marketing and promotions strategies.

- Natural Search Optimization
- SEO Compliancey Testing
- Search Ranking Monitoring and Reporting
- Paid Placement and Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
- Social Media Marketing
- Third-Party Advertising Campaign Managements
- Campaign and Site Analytics

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