About Us

One Question Started It All...

How can we bring the knowledge and experience we have gathered from working with some of the most successful compnaies to the people that need it most...the entrepreneurs and small businesses?

INF Studios is a group of professionals that banded together with one common goal, to provide highly effective web-based solutions specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind. These solutions would engage customers, solve business problems and ultimately drive sales. We set out to develop a process that achieved these goals with a focus on cost-effectiveness without sacrifice to quality.

With over 30 years of cumulative experience executing on cutting-edge web solutions for some of the most successful companies, the founders developed a winning strategy for integrating web technologies. A blueprint for implementing and acquiring success with web technologies.

After developing this process, we began to refine it, and find ways to do it cheaper. Making the same technologies and methods that the large corporations have utilized for years within reach to even the smallest company and entrepreneur. The founders believe that this process for web solutions success should not be limitd only to the large corporations. This knowledge should be available to the companies that really need it, the small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

A Voice for the Underdog

The Internet is a powerful tool. A tool that can be leveraged by anyone that understands how to harness it's power. The Internet is the one place that cannot simply be "bought" by the people with the biggest budget, it is the one place that anyone with a clear understanding of it's power and the knowledge of how to harness it, can overpower even the largest competitors. The Internet is truly the one place that even the smallest voice can be heard, as long as that voice understands how to harness that power.

We have always been fans of the underdogs.

Our mission is simple. We aim to bring our real world, tried and true methods of technology-driven business ingenuity and strategy to the people that need it most...the entrpreneurs and small businesses...the true innovators, and the people in need of a voice and an advocate!

Our Approach

Our approach is guilded by strategy

Our strategy is what diferentiates us from the rest. Our strategy is based on years of experience in driving, leveraging and measuring the successes and failures for some of the most successful companies. There are 3 directives that we base our strategies around.

Engage the Audience

A successful website is one that can inform, motivate and captivate the audience. An engaged audience is one that is driven to action. Our solutions are built with the direct intent to engage your audience.

Through best practices, experience, analytics and expertise, we can create an online experience that can engage, motivate and captivate your audience...

Drive Business Efficiency

A successful website is one that can drive business efficiency, streamline communications and solve business problems. We believe that a truly effective web experience is en extension of your business. By strategically analyzing the way that you do business, we can provide an experience that can automate your business practices, manage your customer relations, and ultimately drive efficiency

Convert Sales

The most profitable web experiences are the ones that can successfully understand and address the needs of the user and the various stages that a user progresses through the sales funnel. Web experiences that can effectively address these users' needs can efficiently convert casual visiters into customers.

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There is never any obligation, or pressure to buy. We are not "YES-Men". We will only suggest a solution if we believe that it is the right solution for your company.

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We offer Merchant Accounts at Competitive Rates.

We offer online merchant solutions to all types of businesses. We work with a wide number of domestic and foriegn banking institutions in order to provide you with the most competitive rates regardless of the risk or volume of your business.

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Don't let your website suffer from an identity crisis. Let our Marketing Services put together an SEO and online marketing plan for you.

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